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Conflict Resolution

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All successful companies experience growing pains. This is especially true in mergers and acquisitions and during periods of rapid, large-scale change. Even the most well-organized and thoughtfully planned business negotiations can sometimes take a wrong turn, becoming tense and potentially argumentative. Obviously, it is best to avoid such conflict.

Conflict is a key factor that can undermine efforts to effectively integrate companies or teams. Whether dealing with a disagreement between co-workers or breaking through a standstill in job contract negotiation, conflict resolution is best approached through a deliberate process that considers the different conflict resolution styles of each participant.

Effective conflict resolution can save relationships, time and resources while improving productivity and helping move projects forward toward completion.

Six Key Action Steps to Achieve Conflict Resolution

  1. Lay the foundation for resolution
  2. Discover key points of contention (perception is everything)
  3. Agree on the problem
  4. Brainstorm possible solutions
  5. Negotiate a mutually beneficial solution
  6. Create collaborative agreement to the solutions negotiated

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