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Dr. O'Keefe on NBC News Palm Springs

Dr. John O'Keefe, founder of Center for Peak Performance, interview on NBC Palm Springs discussing how to get our brains to operate at their highest level, meditation, focus, and goal setting.

Dr. O'Keefe on NBC News Palm Springs

Dr John talks about cognitive enhancement and the importance of sleep for children and adults

How To Hire and Retain Exceptional Employees in any Marketplace or Conditions

Dr. John OKeefe is an Executive Neuro Performance strategist and advisor who brings a practical approach to corporate optimal performance by training and mentoring entrepreneurs, business owners, and C- suite executives. He brings over 20 years of experience as the Founder and resident of The Center for Peak Performance. Dr. John uses neuroscience to create optimal decision-making, wellness and performance for executives, entrepreneurs, corporations, athletes and others who are looking to get more out of their life and career.

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Dr.John`s Breakthrough Neuro Performance Mentoring Program for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and others and finds his program Fascinating.

Dr.John at NBC Studios

Doctor John O'Keefe on set interview NBC studios Palm Springs

Doctor John interviewed on Eye on Business for success and Leadership


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