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Today’s Business Requires Precise Clarity and Insight. Are You Ready?

Today’s leaders require extraordinary skill and capability. Achieving sustainable success requires a better understanding of neuro performance and leadership – where business meets neuroscience. In other words, how your brain works to achieve success. Do you understand how your brain works to create the three main requirements for success?

Are you interested in achieving transformational success in just weeks instead of years? The Center for Peak Performance has the answer.

Our powerful online education series includes master classes in neuro performance and leadership. These master classes focus on literally training your brain to create the actions, habits and behaviors that will lead you to successful, strategic decision-making and action.

The main difference between Center for Peak Performance master classes and other types of online classes is our focus on training that part of the brain responsible for making decisions, taking action and achieving results. Known as the default system, this part of your brain is where all of your habits lie. It acts like a robot and does not judge but accepts whatever you tell it. Whatever you “download” here becomes your permanent habits.

Powerful and Unique

What makes our master classes unique is that most education and training is focused and processed by your executive brain, which is like the software in a computer. It can be emotional, happy, sad, good or bad and can change with any condition, event or experience that happens to you. Whether you realize it or not, what passes from your executive brain to your default system actually becomes your habits. That’s why executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and others often find themselves creating unsuccessful habits and not knowing why they do it.

The profound difference here is that you’re actually creating habits whether you’re conscious of it or not. People often perform in ways that they don’t understand and may be counter intuitive to what they really want. That’s because they’ve developed habits that actually create results that they don’t want. These master classes empower you by showing you exactly how to train your brain so you can achieve the results that you desire – in any area of your life.

Long-Term, Permanent Results

Your results are long-term and permanent because we focus on that part of your brain that develops habits. Just think of your default system as a hard drive where things are stored permanently. That’s why people who take classes, read books and do research often say that what they learned wore off. The reason it wore off is that what they learned never reached their default brain. They relied instead on their executive brain, which is emotional and temporary, so the information essentially fades away amid the vast amount of data that our brains collect on a daily basis.

Your Master Class Leader

Dr. John Okeefe is a neuro performance in leadership strategist for executives, entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. He works one-on-one as well as with teams to help you transform yourself to sustainable success. With time and travel currently at a premium, he’s created the tools you need in the form of an online master class, “How to Train Your Brain for Sustainable Success.”
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